ECO-SAFE & Apple iTunes

Get free iTunes music of your choice when you add the ECO-SAFE Merit Badge to you blog or website.

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Helping the planet has never sounded so good.

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Let's Change the World

We can change the world by using each of our own unique voices. By placing the ECO-SAFE Merit Badge on your website or blog, you are using your voice and empowering others to participate in environmentally friendly behaviors on the web. The ECO-SAFE Merit Badge is a symbol of hope and love for the world we all live in.

Websites displaying the "ECO-SAFE Merit Badge" are providing environmentally friendly printing alternatives for their website visitors. As a collective group of people who use the Merit Badge, we are actively reducing the staggering number of web pages printed daily.

We believe in our individual power and the collective power of all of us. Together we can change the world. I can, you can, we can. Here and now, from this day forward.

Live Total ECO-SAFE Merit Badge Interactions: 63,489,843

Join today, help the environment, and change the world